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I really do believe they were a thing. A lot of things bring me to believe this. If you think about it sticking 5 teenage boys together, not letting them date or get out, and they have to be together at all times. Of course they're going to get sexually frustrated. It would take a fool to think something didn't happen between any of them. Another little detail I thought about was the fact that G-Dragon and TOP were childhood friends, they've known each other way before they met the others. When they auditioned for YG Entertainment, TOP was rejected since he was too overweight. He was so determined to get in that he reportedly lost 20 kg in 40 days. So when TOP got in I have this idea that GD was like "Oh my god he got hot." Its a dumb idea but if you think about it this kind of situation happens to a lot of people. Like first you're not really attracted to somebody but then you see them after awhile as their appearance changes and you're suddenly attracted to them. I mean judging from photos TOP was always attractive even when he was overweight. 

Now with BIGBANG, the boys have these bromances, it seems that they do it for fanservice. But between TOP and GD they have this chemistry that I can't shake off. A lot of people have noticed it. Besides acting for the cameras, just looking closely at their interviews, photoshoots, and tour videos. The way they look at eachother, they way the always need to be close together.. The way they speak to eachother.. Its so different from how the other members act towards eachother. Its so obvious the was something going on between them. The other day I was watching a video of the BIGBANG members reacting to a skit they did, here's the link…In the skit TOP's character kisses both Seungri's and G-Dragon's characters. The scene where TOP kisses GD, its shows GD reacting to it at first he's all smiley.. After they kissed it shows GD watching it and his expression looked so painful. It literally gave me chills. The poor thing looked he was trying so hard not to start bawling his eyes out. Its at 6:04, replay that part a couple times. It quickly cuts to Taeyang after, the next time it shows GD he's laughing and super smiley as if he's forcing it. 

Around that time TOP and GD were gravitating towards the other members as if they were avoiding eachother. G-Dragon got uncomfortably flirty with Seungri. TOP also got flirty with Daesung. Seeing all of the content at the time, TOP and GD's connection was gone, they seemed so cold towards eachother and when they were forced to talk to eachother in interviews, etc their smiles and friendliness towards eachother seems so forced and fake. Its as if they gotten into a huge fight and the other members were trying to help them out. Or that they got caught and were now being separated or not aloud to be around eachother. Sadly homosexuality is looked down upon in South Korea. So if anything they wouldn't admit that they were together. Around that time zone there was a lot of news about G-Dragon dating around with different female celebrities. As if they were trying to hide something. I don't know if I'm overthinking this or not.. 

Now in 2015-2016 is where this gets weird. In 2015 BIGBANG was featured on a talk show called Happy Together, GD and TOP were sitting next to eachother, throughout the interview GD is watching TOP as if he wants to fucking eat him up, he repeatedly bites his lip and smirks when TOP is speaking. At one point when GD's laughing he put his head onto TOPS shoulder. BIGBANG was eventually asked "which member would you not date?" Right away GD said TOP. Like boy you are literally tryna seduce him with your eyes, you're not fooling anyone. And throughout 2015 there's been so much noticeable flirting between them.. They even fucking cuddled on stage. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel, I can't tell if its out of love or their managers are making them do it because a lot of fans want them together. But at the same time they've been around for 10 years now, TOP is getting sent to the military this year, next year GD will along with Taeyang, and not too long after that Seungri and Daesung will be. So BIGBANG won't be making a comeback in a really long time, maybe not at all (I refuse to believe that) maybe they don't give a fuck at this point. They have a choice if they wanna come back or not so they can't really get in trouble with YG. They are the biggest stars in South Korea, the company wouldn't want to lose such precious money due to an affair. I just hope they are happy whether their together or not. They seem like really sweet guys and deserve happiness. Same goes to the rest of the group. 

On a side note: TOP is fucking gay. I know it. I don't know him personally and he never confirmed it. But I can tell if someone's gays, I'm never wrong. He lacks interest in women, he's made out with everyone in BIGBANG and guys from other groups. Even if he didn't, I'd still think he's gay.
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